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Εγώ θα σου πω ποια θα ‘ναι η τελευταία μέρα

Feb 27 / 2015 12:00AM

Τέταρτη μέρα, πάλι Συνέδριο! Αλλά και… το καλύτερο παστράμι της ζωής μας όλης, Καφετέριες-Γλύκα, πολλά Τάπας και Ισπανική αγάπη. Enjoy!


11.00 Carrot Cafe
Sandwich Kingdom for locals
Espresso & Bocadilo with Jamon
Crispy&Fresh Pastrami (OMG) Bagel with cream cheese and lettuce.

_MG_2788 _MG_2768

15.00 Crayon Cafe
C0sy cafe for a quick stop
Espresso & Yummi Carrot cake

_MG_2870 _MG_2877

15.00 Celler Cal Marino
Local Tapas/Winery bar with a huge selection of wine, tasty cheese, jamon and other Ibirico products!
Oh surprise! Here’s a video with our order described by the restaurant’s owner:

_MG_2948 _MG_2943 _MG_2934 _MG_2928 _MG_2925 _MG_2923 _MG_3005 _MG_2976 _MG_2974 _MG_2958 _MG_2957 _MG_2952

όσο χωνεύαμε..

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